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Propylene Fan Units
Fan units for fume cupboards, such as those found in research laboratories at universities, need to be resistant to corrosive chemicals. AMS was recently awarded a contract amidst fierce competition from other tenderers, to supply 77 fan units for fume cupboards in the laboratories, being built at the University of Western Cape. The fans supplied for this project to the contractor, Southern Air, are of the SEAT range of anti-corrosion polypropylene fan units. The direct drive, single inlet, centrifugal fan is suitable for all corrosive atmospheres and can withstand temperatures up to 70°C.
The fan and casing is moulded from tough polypropylene plastic and the mounting pedestal is fully enclosed.
The IP55 motor is external to the air stream and the steel motor shaft has a chemical seal to protect it from any corrosive atmosphere. The shaft end is also protected with a polypropylene sealing cap.
The fan motors for the UWC project range from 0,25 to 5,5 kW and are all connected to 389V 3 phase power.
The fan as approved by consultants, Spoormarker are part of the extensive SEAT range which can be viewed on the web site
The low noise levels of the SEAT fan is of distinct advantage for operating in the normally quiet environment of laboratories.
Propylene Fan Units
First batch of 53 units to be delivered to UWC.