Powerline Ultra Series - In-Line Mixed Flow Fans

The Powerline Ultra Series of In-Line Mixed Flow Fans is disgned for a wide range of dct mounted applications.  They are most suitable in commercial and industrial applications where medium pressure is required.  They are available in various speed options and 9 sizes, extending from 250 to 630mm diameter.

Typical Applications
Commercial and industrial supply or exhaust air applications such as shopping centres, office buildings, exhibition centres, hotels, health centres, schools and universities.

Powerline Ultra Series


  • Robust, yet lightweight galvanised steel construction.  Easy to fit TDF profile flange connections.  Standard direct-drive TEFC/TEAO motors.
  • Large choice of speeds available. 
  • To improve energy efficiency, motors can be speed-controlled. 
  • Can be mounted in any position. 
  • A range of matched ancillaries is also available.

Galvanised steel housings with 25mm TDF profile flange connections.  Mixed-Flow impellers are made from high performance injection moulded composite plastic material.


Type - can be supplied with direct-driven external rotor or standard direct-drive TEFC motors.

Electricity supply - single or three-phase to suit a wide range of voltages and frequencies.
Bearings - sealed-for-life, ball.

Standard direct-drive TEFC motors can be single or and can be speed-controlled using a variable

Air flow tests based on ISO5801
Noise tests based on BS848:Part 2, 1985, or ISO13347-3

Wiring Diagram
See pages J-6 for standard direct-drive TEFC/TEAO motors.

Suggested Specification

The duct mounted fans shall be of the In-line Mixed-Flow Powerline Ultra Series as designed and manufactured by ELTA Fans (Pty) Ltd. and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule/drawings.

They shall include galvanised steel housings with TDF profile flange connections.

The Mixed-Flow impellers shall be made from high performance injected moulded composite plastic and driven by external rotor or standard direct-drive TEFC motors as nominated.

All performance data shall be for a complete assembled unit based on ISO5801 for air flow and BS848: Part 2, 1985 or ISO13347-3 for noise.


Note:  PUD 560 and 630 to have 35mm mezz flanges.



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