JV Axial Jet Fans for Car Parks

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JV Series


The JV Series of axial jet-induction fans can meet various customer requirements for car park ventilation. The 315 and 400mm diameter and 24 model variants provide options for Uni-directional or Truly-reversible airflow, ambient or high temperature rating and single or dual speed.
Galvanised steel housing with integral aerodynamically designed silencers.
With the integral 4-Point mounting feet, the unit can be easily mounted to the ceiling.
Adjustable pitch aerofoil section impellers are provided with high quality pressure die cast aluminium alloy (LM6) blades. The blades are positively locked by pinning, providing added security for operation in the smoke regime.
Impellers are dynamically balanced to Grade G6.3. Hubs are made from pressure die cast aluminium (LM24).
Motors are totally enclosed and airstream cooled, metric frame protested to IP55.
Motors have Class F or H insulation and are rated for normal continuous duty and a once only emergency operation in smoke conditions of 200OC or 300OC for 2 hours.
Motors are either single or 2-speed, the 2-speed with a Dahlander winding with direct starting at both speeds.
Thrust-air performance based on tests to BS848 Part 10, 1999 “Fans for general purpose - Performance testing of jet fans”.
Noise data based on tests to BS848:Part 2, 1985. High temperature requirements tested to AS4429:1999 All JetVent units are tested at elevated temperatures in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 12101 - 3:2002.




Technical Data


Suggested Specifications

The JetVent Axial Jet-induction fans shall be of the JetVent JV series as supplied by AMS and be of the model number shown.