Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans Direct Drive - APB Series

Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans - Belt Drive - APB Series


The AP Series of duct mounted adjustable pitch axial flow fans is available in the following variants:-
AP Series - direct-drive
APS Series - direct drive smoke spill
APB Series - belt-drive
BFA Series - bifurcated, direct-drive
Suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from handling ambient filtered air to hot, toxic and noxious gases.

The casings are of mild steel, hot-dip galvanised after manufacture. Impeller blades shall be pressure die-cast aluminium or injection-moulded glass-reinforced plastic. Anti-static blades for hazardous applications up to 1400mm diameter, are also available.

Type - squirrel cage induction motor which can be selected to suit virtually any specification.
Electricity supply - single or three-phase to suit a wide range of voltages and frequencies.
Bearings - ball.

Air flow testing:-
315-1000mm diameter - BS 848:Part 1, 1980
1250-2000mm diameter - ISO 5801:1997
Noise testing all sizes to BS 848:Part 2, 1985

Smoke Spill Applications
AP Series fans have been independently tested to the new exacting EN 12101-3:2002 standard, which ensures customer confidence that AP series fans shall operate in emergency situations without failing. In addition, AP series fans are tested to ISO 5801:1997 (Airside performance) and BS 848 Part 2:1985 (Sound Performance).

Hazardous fume applications
AP Series fans can be made to accommodate requirements for corrosive fume and explosion risk applications. Special coatings and alternative materials, such as stainless steel, are available as well as increased safety motors and anti-static impellers. Our sales engineers are able to assist with requirements, which must be specified at time of quotation.

Suggested Specifications

The axial fans shall be of the AP/APS/APB/BFA design(s) as manufactured by AMS.
All performances shall be based upon BS848:Part 1, 1980 or ISO5801:1997 and BS848:Part 2, 1985.
Casings shall be hot-dip galvanised mild steel. Impellers shall be of plastic, or aluminium; GRP is standard where selection permits.


The quick selection curves on these pages are designed to assist users to determine the fan diameter, speed, approximate noise level and dimensions of the fan to meet the specified duty.
Model Numbers
AP - direct-driven; 315 to 2000mm diameter
APS - direct-driven; 315 to 2000mm diameter
APB - belt driven; 400 to 2000mm diameter
BFA - bifurcated; 400 to 1250mm diameter


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