Air Curtain - HYDOR (FM) Series


  • The Hydor series of air curtains offer an ideal solution for containing an internal conditioned (cooled or heated) environmental climate where there is a continuous exposure to the outside air.
  • Models are available suitable for single phase 230V 50Hz electrical connection.
  • Airflow performances range from 1000 up to 2220m³/hr.
  • The Hydor range provide the perfect solution to preventing the escape of "costly" conditioned air to the outside and preventing the un-conditioned outside air from entering.
  • The air curtain provides a powerful continuous stream of evenly distributed air between the outside and inside air.
  • This ultimately prevents significant thermal losses and enables the environmental conditioning system to more easily maintain a comfortable internal climate.


Model FM A B C D E F
12.5-06 600 500 230 220 84
12.5-09 900 800 256 230 220 84
12.5-12 1200 1100 600 230 220 84
Model FM A B C D E F G
1212-RC 1200 200 400 118 250 215 220

  Technical Data

Model FM V Hz W m3/hr dB mm r.p.m.
12.5-06 220 50 120 960 H 53 125   
L 50
12.5-09 220 50 140 1160 H 56  125  
L 52
152.5-12 220 50 230 1780 H 57 125  
L 53
1212-RC 220 50 350 18m/sec 57 1200 2100


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The Multiflow TDE 500 to 710 range consist of fully cased, cylindrical models with circular mounting flanges at both ends and a wired terminal box.


The Mini Centrifugal Roof Fan series are the new type roof extract units available in 2 sizes and suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. The low noise external motor and high efficient backward bladed impeller meets the requirement of efficient ventilation in residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Future 150

The Decor Series can be wall or ceiling mounted and is designed to exhaust stale and moist air from bathrooms, toilets, laundries etc. They are also suitable for ventilating all types of small or closed areas.

TD Silent

The Silent Series is a low profile mixed-flow in-line fan that produces low noise when in operation. It does this through a specifically designed perforated internal skin that directs sound waves produced inside the fan to a layer of sound absorbent material.


The low-profile TD-EVO 250 and 315 in-line mixed-flow fans for circular ducts have a unique design where the support bracket allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting.


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