Multiflow Series - MFB Series

MFB Series


  • The Multiflow® Series of duct mounted mixed-flow fans is suitable for supply or exhaust from applications ranging from residential, through commercial, to industrial.
  • A particular feature of this product is its low noise levels.


  • Galvanised steel housings with modern flange connections.
  • Impellers are the AMS patented adjustable-pitch mixed-flow design.


  • Type - standard TE motors.
  • Electricity supply - single or three-phase to suit a wide range of voltages and frequencies.
  • Bearings - sealed-for-life ball.
  • Standard motors can be single or multi-speed and can be speed-controlled using inverters.


  • Air flow tests to BS848 : Part 1, 1980.
  • Noise data tests to BS848 : Part 2, 1985

  Special Features

  • Sizes 350-450 are available in a choice of two pitch settings.
  • Sizes 500-800 are available in a choice of four or five pitch settings.
  • All sizes provide a wide range of capacities.
  • Fan units are light in weight and can be mounted at any angle.




Refer to Section Installation, Maintenance & Wiring p. I-6
The Multiflow® Mixed-Flow In-Line Fans shall be as designed and manufactured by AMS and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule/drawings. The mixed-flow impellers shall be of patented adjustable-pitch design and driven by standard TE motors.

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