Eltastrat Destratifier

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Eltastrat Destratifier fans are specifically designed fordestratification in large buildings by redistributing the total heatavailable, thus counteracting the hot air rising tendency.Eltastrat will generally maintain air stratification within ±1°C,therefore minimise energy usage. It is also speed controllablewith low noise levels.

The compact square box is a robust pre-galvanised enclosure with a discharge aluminium grid for air-optimisation and throw and the high performance axial flow fan is mounted on a bell mouth steel plate ensuring optimum airflow.

The standard external rotor motors are speed controllable.Optional - I.EC (TE) motors with sealed for life bearings The motors are protected to IP54 with Class F insulation, suitable for operating temperatures up to 55°C with thermal,overload protection on the single phase units.




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